Belmont University's intercollegiate athletic program enhances campus life, promotes Belmont University and provides meaningful educational experiences for student-athletes in a student-centered Christian community. This community challenges student-athletes from diverse backgrounds physically, intellectually and spiritually and enables them to engage and transform the world. Belmont Athletics accomplishes this mission by:

  • Promoting character development, leadership qualities, sportsmanship and academic excellence in our student-athletes.
  • Employing coaches and staff members who exhibit and promote high standards of integrity and ethical behavior, including good sportsmanship and a desire to assist student-athletes in reaching their academic and athletic potential.
  • Supporting equitable opportunity for its coaches, staff and student-athletes, regardless of gender or ethnicity.
  • Promoting academic integrity by recruiting student-athletes who are capable of success in the university's academic program, providing academic support and student development opportunities and effectively integrating student-athletes into the student body.     
  • Complying with and following the principle of institutional control in operating its athletics program in a manner that is consistent with the letter and the spirit of the NCAA, the conference and the university rules and regulations.
  • Producing the best athletic teams possible to compete in NCAA Division I.
  • Providing facilities, scholarships and program enhancements essential for the coaches to recruit and teach, and the athletes to train and compete.

Core Values

As a community seeking to uphold Christian standards of morality and ethics, Belmont Athletics holds high ideals and expectations of each member of the athletic community.  In upholding these ideals, Belmont Athletics proclaims these values:

  • mutual respect and collaboration
  • the worth of the individual
  • personal integrity
  • critical, independent thinking
  • self control
  • community responsibility and accountability