Belmont's state-of-the-art weightroom is a 1600 square foot area that offers several amenities for use by Belmont and its student-athletes.  The facility contains all new equipment including:

• Three power stations with customized platforms
• Customized dumbbells from 5-to-150 pounds
• A variety of free weight equipment as well as machines
• A variety of speed, agility and plyometric equipment


By means of teamwork, experience, current research and education, the staff of the Belmont Department of Athletics challenges each athlete in order for them to participate at the highest level of competition.

In order to promote a positive atmosphere, strength and conditioning provides the athlete with a safe, clean and professional environment.  It strives to challenge our athletes by way of free weights, multi-joint exercises and multiple sets.

While keeping the athlete's sport in mind, Coach Lee Rowland individualizes the programs as much as possible, focusing on weaknesses in order to prevent injuries and help them stay as competitive as possible for as long as possible.