Spending Time Down Under

Ashley Johnson on the Sydney Harbor Bridge
Ashley Johnson on the Sydney Harbor Bridge

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Rising junior softball player Ashley Johnson spent much of the month of July on a Belmont Study Abroad Trip to Australia.   She recently spoke with BelmontBruins.com about what she experienced during her time "Down Under."


Where did you study abroad this summer?



What classes did you take? 

Math for Social Justice, Third Year Writing, International Business


What was your favorite memory?

Either climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge or seeing a show at the Sydney Opera House.


Is there a specific place that you would go back and visit?  If so, where and why?

I would probably go back to Sydney because it's a big city and there is so much to do there that I wasn't able to see or do in the four days we were there.


What was the thing that surprised you the most about the culture and surroundings? 

I was surprised at how laid back people were and the lack of chain restaurants was interesting because in the United States we have them everywhere.


How was the food?  What was your favorite meal?

The food was really similar to the food in the United States, just more expensive. I think my favorite meal was the night we tried kangaroo and crocodile.


After being overseas for this period of time, what did you miss most about "home" (U.S.)?

I missed Mexican food most because it was hard to find in Australia and people kept advising against going to a Mexican restaurant there, but I thought it still tasted good.


Would you recommend other Belmont student-athletes (or students) go on this trip? 

I would definitely recommend others going on this trip. Australia is one of the most unique countries in the world and it's definitely not a cheap trip to try to make on your own (without study abroad). By going through study abroad, you are able to meet new Belmont people and make incredible friendships.