Belmont Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is composed of a representative from each athletic team, the cheerleaders and student athletic training staff.  The committee meets twice monthly with two advisors: the Faculty Athletics Representative and a designated member of the athletic department staff.

The purpose of SAAC is to:

  • streamline and promote efficient and effective communication between the Athletic Department and the student-athlete population.
  • encourage sound academic practices for student-athletes.
  • actively encourage more involvement of the student-athlete in campus and community service.
  • provide an open line of communication for student-athletes to voice issuesand concerns.

2017-2018 Belmont SAAC Members

Belmont SAAC Constitution and Bylaws



Welcome to the Ohio Valley Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee!

My name is Ellie Ivancich. I am a senior volleyball student-athlete studying Finance at Belmont University. It is such an honor to have been selected to represent the student-athletes of the Ohio Valley Conference at the national level on the NCAA Division I SAAC. As a representative on National SAAC, I have been given the incredible opportunity to serve as the voice of the student-athletes across all 12 OVC institutions. This committee provides a platform where the needs and opinions of the student-athletes can be voiced while also giving National SAAC representatives from each conference the power to influence the decisions that are made to shape the student-athlete experience as a whole.

My goal as the Ohio Valley Conference Representative over the next two years is to actively engage in the meetings of the committee so that I can take-away valuable insights and practices to continue to build up our OVC community as well as the individual institutions included. I hope to build upon the conversations that have been started at the national level by encouraging participation in NCAA initiatives, deliberation of proposed and instated legislation, as well as the development of each institutional SAAC. In my opinion, the most important factor in fostering growth and initiating change is through consistent and open communication. Therefore, I hope to develop the communication channels that currently stand from the Division I National SAAC to the OVC SAAC to each individual institution’s SAAC.

Thank you Belmont University for allowing me to represent your voice at the conference and national level! I am so grateful to be a part of a community so committed to community service, athletic prowess and academic success.

I am beyond excited to continue my journey as the OVC representative on DI National SAAC and I am eager to see all that we can do to benefit the experiences of our student-athletes inside and outside of competition!



Ellie Ivancich