Strength and Conditioning Purpose Statement

Belmont University’s Strength and Conditioning Program strives to teach each athlete how to live a healthy and active lifestyle, preparing them for high-level competition and life after sports. 

Strength and Conditioning Core Values

  1. Passion - Bring a positive attitude everyday
  2. Hard Work - Give 100% effort, concentration, and intensity to everything you do
  3. Integrity - Always do the right thing, even when it’s difficult or unpopular
  4. Accountability - Pay attention to the details and make sure they get done
  5. Respect - Be grateful for the opportunity to compete and give back by doing your absolute best

Strength and Conditioning Program Philosophy

Our purpose is to teach athletes how an active and healthy lifestyle can prepare them for high level competition and life.  We strive to produce athletes who are adaptable and durable, and physically, psychologically, and emotionally ready for competition.  To achieve these ends, we will stress the all-around development of the athlete in a structured, athlete-centered, progressive training program which is individualized, emphasizes movements over muscles, trains the general before the specific, requires the athlete master their bodyweight before using implements, and is integrated with the other areas of training. 

Strength and Conditioning Objectives

  1. Reduce potential for injury
  2. Increase athleticism
  3. Improve health


Contact: Matt Frederick l 615-460-8044 l matt.frederick@belmont.edu