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Bruins Abroad -- China

Sierra Lax
Sierra Lax

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – This summer, a number of Belmont student-athletes will spend some time overseas taking part in Belmont's Study Abroad Program.   

Throughout the summer, Belmont Athletics will highlight the experiences of our student-athletes as they encounter and engage with new landscapes, cultures, and peoples.

Our next reflection is by Sierra Lax, a junior on the cross country/track and field teams, who traveled to China with a group of Belmont students. 

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Where did you study abroad this summer?



What classes did you take?  

Conversational Chinese, International Business: Doing Business In China, Third Year Writing, Third Year Religion


What was your favorite memory?

One of my favorite memories from the trip was going to the Lama Temple and learning about Buddhism. You could feel the spiritual essence throughout the whole temple and it was a beautiful place.


Is there a specific place that you would go back and visit?  If so, where and why?

I really loved the Great Wall of China! It truly lives up to all the hype! We went on such a gorgeous day and the views were breathtaking. I also really enjoyed Hangzhou. It was beautiful and very green. It reminded me of Nashville :) I'd like to revisit the Longmen Grottoes. I think that was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The history and intricate detail behind each Buddha carving was amazing.


What was the thing that surprised you the most about the culture and surroundings?  

I believe when many people think of China, they imagine an oppressed nation where all people are the same and are not able to express themselves. That is not the case! Individualism is encouraged and the people I met were very happy with their lives.


How was the food?  What was your favorite meal?  

The food was good! Very interesting for many meals! I did get food poisoning while I was there but other than that, the meals were wonderful! I think my favorite meal were the jiaozi, or dumplings! They were delicious no matter where I went!


After being overseas for this period of time, what did you miss most about "home" (U.S.)?

I think I missed the food and regular toilets haha. The food mostly after I got food poisoning because I just wanted something familiar.  In China, almost all restrooms have "squatty potties" which was not my favorite thing. I prefer Western toilets.


Would you recommend other Belmont student-athletes (or students) go on this trip?  

Yes I would! The China trip is unique because you don't take any classes while you are on your study abroad. It is purely about experiencing the culture around you. This allows you to only focus on the here and now which really made for a fun trip.